Warehouse technology

In safe hands


Good logistics stand and fall with the warehouse technology. If materials and goods are to be provided, above all they must be stored safely. No less important is good accessibility. This extends from suitable shelf planning to the possibility of being able to store the goods in the open air but protected by roofed-in shelving.


From complex high-bay warehouses to simple shelving installations – each warehouse has its own special requirements and is the result of a tailor-made solution.


    Permit rapid and straightforward access to pallets.

    These fulfil special requirements in the warehouse area.

    These shelves are ideal for the storage of non-pallettised goods and small parts.

    Platforms with our tried and tested screw system provide additional variable storage space.

Umdasch Madosan Back-to-Back

The Horizont shopfitting system permits horizontal product presentation. The back walls are variable in both width and height.
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