Pallet rack systems

Continuous flow racks, picking shelves and drive-in racks for quick access to pallets

Flexibility pays off 
The modular construction of our pallet rack systems permits us to meet your requirements with regard to space and logistics with optimal efficiency. When planning the systems we take into account not only your individual work processes but also the appliances used (forklift trucks, storage and retrieval vehicles etc.). The flexibility of this pallet rack system also permits you to respond efficiently to changed framework conditions in future – the storage racks can quickly and easily be adapted or extended.
Easy self-assembly
Thanks to the carefully planned construction this system is ideally suited to self-assembly. Even heavy loads are distributed evenly across the floor by means of sturdy base plates. If required, and especially in the case of more complex storage systems, of course our reliable and competent assembly team is available to assist. 
A wide range of accessories will increase the durability and improve the safety of working conditions.
Ram protection / collision guard 
A ram protection device protects the rack frame when forklift trucks or lift trucks approach, thereby helping to avoid costly repairs.  
Crash Barriers
Crash barriers adapted to fit your rack system are available in various bright colours. They will protect the sides of your system from damage. 
Protective Grids
Protective grids prevent the stored items from falling down, thereby helping to improve the safety of working conditions.
Push-through guards
Inexpensive push-through guards prevent the stored items from falling onto the floor on the opposite side of the rack and being damaged. And they also increase the safety within the warehouse.
Depth Supports
By using depth supports you can store Euro-pallets or special pallets crossways in the pallet racks.
Depth supports are also used to strengthen shelf covers (chipboard etc.).
U-shaped panel inserts
Mesh boxes or similar storage containers with feet can be quickly and easily be stored and removed with these panel inserts.
Barrel holder
Easily movable barrel holders permit the safe storage of barrels of different sizes.
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