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Shelving rack

As varied as the tasks it needs to fulfil.

From small-parts store to archive
Thanks to the wide range of pallet accessories this fully flexible system can be ideally adapted to a wide range of stored goods. In this system panels of different widths are simply fixed to the continuous shelving racks by means of two hooks. The shelves can easily be divided using the slotted components, and roll protection containers for small parts increase the functionality of this flexible shelving system.
Flexible basic elements
The high degree of flexibility of this system results from the use of just three basic elements: the frame profile with base plate, the shelf supports and the panels or shelves.

Combines presentation and storage.
Shelving system for all eventualities
The BasixxGiant shelving system unites a variety of different requirements. Firstly, it can be fitted with pallets as a heavy-duty shelving system. And secondly the intermediate back panels and attractive shelves provide ideal presentation possibilities for your products. BasixxGiant uses Basixx double-slit uprights measuring 90 x 30 mm. The shelves are simply fitted together using Clickshelf brackets and can be mounted at 50 mm intervals.
Ideal for smaller products and presentations.
Filling and removal possible from both sides
The Universal system scores with a flexible range of possible uses. Depending upon requirements, the shelf elements can be removed and complemented by additional accessories. Horizontal struts permit the selves to be filled and items removed from both sides.
Frames with double uprights and shelves supported in the middle ensure the stability of the system. Shelves can be adjusted at intervals of 20 mm and are fixed by means of stable bolts.