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Shining Achievements in Galvanising

  • Galvanik_Umdasch Auftragsfertigung

Optically and Technically Convincing

At Auftragsfertigung, galvanising puts your product in the limelight in a shining way. In this, the functional use is completely retained.

During galvanising, electric current is passed through an electrolyte bath. At the positive pole there is the metal to be applied; at the negative pole there is the object to be coated. Through the current, the metal ions come off and collect on the object, due to reduction. The longer the object is in the bath and the higher the current, the thicker is the metal layer.
High-value, optically and technically galvanised surfaces are possible for the following basic materials: Steel, stainless steel, brass, copper, castings, aluminium alloys.
Video: Galvanising