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Powder Coating

Perfect in Appearance and Function

Auftragsfertigung´s powder coating ensures that your product fulfils all requirements for appearance and functionality. Powder-coated surfaces are possible on basic materials such as steel and aluminium alloys. During powder coating, electrically conductible materials are coated with powder coatings. The powder is firstly sprayed on electrostatically and then burned-in. At complete cross-linking, a permanent coating is achieved.

All metal components: Cleaning – degreasing – iron phosphatising
Basic material steel: Cleaning – degreasing – iron phosphatising
Aluminium alloys: Cleaning – degreasing – CrVI-free passivation
Hot-dip galvanised materials: Cleaning – Degreasing – CrVI-free passivation
Integral pretreatment for the basic material, steel: Iron phosphating
External pretreatment of aluminium alloys: CrVI-free passivation

Powder Coating
Electrostatic application and burning-in of an epoxy polyester powder; layer thickness about 50-120 µm; lead and cadmium-free coating.

You have the choice between various RAL shades as well as Customers-specific shades.

Individual or Serial Coating
The flexibility of Umdasch thereby enables various surface structures with different effects.

Final Assembly and Completion
This special service is offered on request.
Video: Powder Coating